#34. The Deadpool 2 Episode

This episode is our review of Deadpool 2. We also try Bud Light Orange… We review a Blahdios, Boingo and Chaki show at the Whiskey. A trivia rematch… Grab a beer and enjoy it!

#33. The Steve Bartek Episode

The very amazing Steve Bartek(Strawberry Alarm Clock, JackiO, Oingo Boingo, and Film Orchestrator), stops by the show to talk all things scoring, orchestrating, and flute and guitar playing with us. Check it out!


#23. The “Blahdios” Episode.

We are back with our first episode for 2018, and we are joined by a fantastic local LA-area band, Blahdios. We tricked them into drinking all our beer and talking to us for 90 minutes. Clips are shared! Songs leaked! Its a blast. Check em’ out May 12, 2018 at The Whiskey in LA, and on their Bandcamp webpage!