#12. The MoviePass Review Episode

The guys, and their special guest “Schwartz” start things off by drinking a liter each of authentico German Festbier to celebrate Oktoberfest. They have a little fun with some easy movie trivia before diving into the main topic this week: MoviePass! Is it worth it? Diligently, though a bit inebriated, they hammer out the pros and cons of the service. 1hr 20mins.

#10. The You’ll Float, Too! Episode.

Over a sixer of hefeweizens the guys talk about the new motion picture adaptation, “It”. They also honor a promise made to Kirk Douglass back in episode 6. Jared gives an answer. Darryls bad reviews. Nathan defends an answer. Ben Gripes. Its all here!

#5. The Dunkirk Podcast

This week the guys reconvene after a three week hiatus to talk about the most anticipated war film in years. They even get into a disagreement about a particular person in the involvement! They also talk about Nine Inch Nails, Marvel, Stephen King, as well as answer questions from last time they were together…even answering the first ever viewer email! Sit down and grab a beer! Enjoy!